Monday, June 27, 2011

New Stuff

I don't know if I posted about this before. I have a new handheld bottle that I really like:

It is an Amphiphod. I used these at MMT, courtesy of Mongold, and I really like them. They curve your hand around the bottle, so you are not really holding or clenching the bottle. I liked them so much, I bought two shortly after the race and have been using them ever since.

The other new thing is almond milk!

No, you can't milk an almond, and it really should be called "almond beverage" but you can use it just like a milk product. I don't really like milk so if I buy it, it usually spoils before I finish a carton. The almond milk is tasty, and I have finished both boxes I have bought, I've tried two brands.
Of course, when I googled almond milk, it brought up recipes, so next round I will have to try making it myself!

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