Sunday, June 12, 2011

Part Two

It’s time to start planning out Part Two.

I’m still in recovery from MMT, so still enjoying a somewhat guilt free little exercise happening. (Getting sick also helps with the no exercise too.)

Although I am  a big proponent of seeking out and finding new races to do, my next few runs/races will be repeats-it’s simply that I enjoy them so much, it’s a no brainer not to return to them.

First race is 12 Hours of Big Bear Lake. This will be interesting, because I want to do 8 loops, my longest mileage. I have not been running much at all. I hope to ease back into that this week, and not try to  OVER DO IT.  We will just have to see. 8 Loops or not, it will be a good day of getting back to a “long” run.

The Ring-I have to repeat The Ring again. I now know exactly what I am getting into! 
This would give me July and August (after Big Bear Lake) to ramp up some hill climbing and heat training.

Fall “A” Race is the WV Trilogy. I dropped from the 50 mile race in anticipation of not making the cut off.  This year, with my weight loss, better education on how to eat for an ultra, and knowledge about what I am getting myself into-I can finish the 50 mile in the time limit.

There will also be other races too-YUTC, perhaps the Groundhog 50K, The Big Schloss, Slim Pickins, in the fall. So many to choose from, who knows which I will be able to attend.

The family life is the big IF right now. My dog is recovering from surgery, and has to be watched 24/7.  I doubt I will be getting away for any out of town runs for quite a while-in fact, who knows if I will be able to attend Big Bear Lake 12 Hour Race in July.  So any plans and training has to revolve around the family right now.

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