Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's Run

I thought we should have some cheese to go with my whine...

  • I started at noon. I baked through miles 0 to 4. I almost had to jump over a guard rail when a semi-trailer took the entire state road through a blind curve. What if there had been an Amish buggy in the other lane, buddy?
  • Mile 5 I got to the ridgeline. I could see the storm in the distance. However, it did blow up a nice breeze
  • Mile 6 the storm began. I was glad I had on my visor and sunglasses. The temperature dropped and it felt like almost hail. It stormed through mile 8. I was hoping the husband would come and extract me, but he was "helping me train" and did not.
  • Mile 8.1 I was heading through Peoli, the sky was blue again and the clouds were white and fluffy. The Amish were amused by my bedraggled appearance
  • I could see the next storm approaching. It hit me right at mile 11, right before home. I walked it in, heck I was already wet!

Worst run I have had in a long time. My hamstrings were extremely tight, my left calf was hurting again. I was not into the run, yet I kept going.
There is two big positives about today's run. 1) I got 11 miles in, my longest run since MMT.  2) At no point did I turn this negative on myself. The run was what it was. But I didn't think about the run being sucky because I was A) fat B)  Slow C) blah blah blah.  There just wasn't anything personal about it.

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