Friday, June 3, 2011

Trail Run!

Trail run. Two of my favorite words. I got out this morning, went to Salt Fork. I ran on the blue bridle trail, which I had not been on in a few years. It was very flat and runnable the first few miles. It's amazing how the trail is aleady bone dry, despite all our rains in May. There were some areas of mud and some of the footing is uneven due to horse hoof ruts, but I likened it to running on rocks.

The trail had markers at every mile, but they did not come anywhere near what my GPS said. I thought my run would be longer, but I cut up a different trail which interesected the blue trail, and I was back to the horseman's camp in 2 hours for a 7 mile trail run.

Felt really good to be out on the trails again!

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