Sunday, July 10, 2011

Awesome Run Today

It wa just my normal 10K around the block, but it was one of those "all is well in my world" runs.

First I met a new dog.

He is a big bloodhound puppy. I figured out he was a puppy (although his head comes up to my chest) when he enthusiastically tried to chew and pull my water bottle out of my hand! He was doing that puppy wiggle and wriggle, licking my legs, pulling on my hydration vest, jumped up and licked me in the face! I finally got away, after about two minutes. He followed me down the road, until it curved. A very cute dog.

I then ran UP the hill that was my summer goal to do. (Yes, 2nd time this summer). The five dogs that live at the top all came out to greet me, but let me get onto my way.

This route includes the hill that I used for hill repeats the other day. I glanced at my watch, and timed myself for the climb. 4 minutes 10 seconds, faster than my hill repeats. I am guessing this was due to me being warmed up (this was at mile 3 of the run) and I wasn't just climbing up and down the hill.

It was just a gorgeous day out in the country. Very blue skies, green fields, cows hunkering into the shade, the goats just lounging in their barn porch. I finished about two minutes faster than my normal time, so well pleased with the effort.

I am going to do some 'somewhat' of a taper this week, maybe no run longer than 4 miles, in prep for my race this weekend.

I am feeling pretty good about going for 8 Loops at Big Bear Lake 12 Hour.

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  1. awesome Kimba, you are running strong! Good luck at the 12 hour!


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