Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Road Route

I checked out the neighborhood via Mapquest yesterday, and then, using gmap pedometer,  I worked out a run around 12 miles long. This was interesting because this would exchange 3 miles of "travelled road" including the State Route, with some back country roads.
Of course, the new roads are the wild card. I didn't know what they would be like, if there would be shade, hills, loose dogs.
I ran my normal route for almost six miles, then turned left onto the side route. It was great! Downhill, in the shade. The roads were between kind of paved, to dirt, to rough gravel. This route is more challenging than my usual 11 miles, in that there are more hills involved, so I like that.
Not too many houses on these roads, and I only heard one barking dog, didn't even see it. I think I have a nice alternative route, at 11.6 miles. And now that I know these roads a bit better, I may branch out even more and make this a longer loop.

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