Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Time!!

I got out for my 11 mile run (on roads!!) before 9 am. Well, it was 8:50, so it was still early. A pretty good run, uneventful. I glanced down around midway to see I was actually wearing a very old pair of running shoes. They must still have some padding in them, because I thought I was wearing my "current" road shoe. (My shoes are all covered in mud/dirt so I didn't recognize what I was wearing.)

I realized I've run the last seven days straight-yes, I am counting my stupidity adventure as a run, it started out that way-so no wonder my hamstrings are a bit tight. A day off from running tomorrow, since the dog has to go the vet in Columbus, I can take the other two on their hike around the property before work.

I have also gotten the training calendar opened again, pencilling in runs/races I want to do, and the work schedule, and how I can drop these last 10(15) pounds, and find somewhere close to get some vertical climbing training starting!

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