Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Training for Big Bear Lake 12 Hour

My next event is a timed event. It is run at Big Bear Lake Campgrounds, outside of Bruceton Mills, West Virginia. It is a small, laid back, well organized timed event. Runners start at 7 am, and they can start their last loop before 7 pm. You can run this as a solo runner (me) or as a team with relay runners.

The loop is 6.5 miles long. I have just realized I've actually been training for Big Bear-my loop 'around the block' is 6.4 miles. (I just call it a 10K cuz it's easier..)

I went back to the website and looked at my historical data. It's nice, with the same loop course, you know nothing has changed besides your own performance.

2008 6 Loops 1.32 1.41 1.47 1.57 1.56 2.08
2009 6 Loops 1.28 1.39 1.47 1.51 1.53 1.57
2010 7 Loops 1.26 1.35 1.44 1.48 1.51 2.02 2.00

My average time for my "10K" around the block is about 1.18 or 1.20. So if I could run each loop under 1.30, I could get the 8 loop in. (I just need to start the 8th loop in before 7pm.)

I am planning on little time in the AS. There is only one manned AS, the start/finish. There are two spots with water, gels, and HEED out on the course. I'm planning on parking my cooler at the start finish, with my prepared bottles of malto-dextrin being iced down inside.

Eight loops=6 bottles. I am planning on starting the race with a water bottle, and a gel flask with Hammer Gel  (cuz I have this bulk bottle that has been sitting around here for one year or more.) On Loop Two and on, I will just pick up a fresh bottle of MD, with different flavors for each loop.  Eliminate those minutes stopping at the main AS to graze.
I will probably throw a small drop bag next to my cooler, with a pecan pie, foot care stuff, a pair of socks, visor, music-just all the little things you might want during the race, but never use. Last year I had to book it over to my camp site for an item, which was kind of annoying, so I will make sure I have everything I think I will need close.

The weather is the wild card for a race in mid-July, but I believe I am ready for the heat and humidity since that is all  I have been running in lately!

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