Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Longest Bike Ride

So I got out of work, and decided to go on my 10K around the block..except on my bike this time.

On my first 'real' hill, I managed to shift into a harder gear, and then accidentally squeeze the brake lever, halting me totally.

On the second hill, the one I challenged myself to run up this summer, I dropped my chain.  My first bike fix! I managed to get the chain back on, AND bike up the hill.

Then it's past the 4 dog corner. They were not out, although as I started down the big hill, I heard them barking.
This is a very steep hill I usually run down-I am running 8'ish minute miles down this hill. 
I am cautiously descending on the bike, braking. Almost at the bottom, I let up...and glance at the Garmin, I am hitting 19 MPH on this dirt gravel road!

The next hill is my hilll repeat hill. I've never run up it; and I do not bike up it. I walk the bike up the hill. Okay, I have already resolved to run up this hill this summer! And maybe I will get the quad strength to bike it too!

I finish the 10K about only 15 minutes in front of the time that it takes me to run this..but I did stop to fix my dropped chain too. I felt this workout in my legs, and my core. I would find myself hunching over to climb the hills, and I would keep reminding myself to sit up and work the core and the quads, to get up the hill.

I'm looking forward to more time on the bike, and improving on time around the block!

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