Friday, August 19, 2011

Missed Turns Mean Extra Miles

My first missed turn was the exit from I-77. I passed Route 40, and kind of woke up as I neared the exit for Route 22..which was Salt Fork State Park.

Ok, I will go run at Salt Fork. But as I was planning on a 4 mile run on an asphalt bike trail, I had road shoes, so I decided to just run on some back State Park roads.

I parked at the Horseman's Camp, and headed down a back road.  I thought my route would be like a lollipop, a loop with an out and back.
This was a good run! Totally shaded gravel road, all alone, lots of up and downhills. There was lots of little jeep roads that I am going to explore in the future-when I have long pants on, to protect my legs from poison ivy and scratches.
I hit the bottom of this area, and I turn right, onto the  next Park Road. I think this is going to intersect with the first road I started on.
So I am going up and down hills, enjoying my run.
Then I notice a guard rail, and then my road ends, on the main road through the park.
Hmm, I don't remember this, but I take a right and start running down the main camp road. But I am not quite sure where I am...exactly.
As I keep running, I see the lake on my right. Huh? Where am I, exactly? I keep going.

Then I see the road turn off for the beach! Wow! I really took a wrong turn somewhere. I know exactly where I am now-about 2 or 3 miles still from my car!

Did I mention, I thought I was going out for a 45 minute run, took no water, actually nothing with me?
Luckily the weather wasn't bad, and  I ended my run, in 1 hour 40 minutes.

So pay attention to your routes. Or you will add up with extra miles, like me!

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