Monday, August 15, 2011

Not Feeling the Love Today

Me and Salt Fork haven't been getting along.

I decided I should do hill repeats today. Because I need to do them. And my day off work this week, I will going with the dog to her vet appointments in Columbus.

So I go to Salt Fork State Park. I parked in a different spot. I plan on running the bridle trail, until it intersects a gas right-of-way, which is the hill I am planning on doing repeats on.

I have to cross a drainage ditch, and then a meadow, to get to the trail, which is over at the treeline. The drainage ditch is too wide to hop across, so I just step down into it.

And I go into water, up to my crotch. I almost fall over, because I am so startled by this hole I have stepped into! It is a good thing I have a sense of humor.

The meadow grasses start cutting my legs. I am having another flashback to another recent visit to the Park; I'm not ending up with legs ripped to shreds! This is not a Barkley training day!

I end up finally on the bridle trail. It has rained buckets, all day, in this area, but somehow, I haven't thought about this and the trail.

The bridle trail is just quagmires of mud. There is no running happening, just mucking along.  As I do, I realize my legs are heavy and I am tired. I'm not doing this.  I do get over to the right of way and hike uphill a short ways, till I decide that I am not into this. I'm calling a recovery day.

I have gotten better at listening to the body. I actually was tired before I got out for the run, but thought the trail would perk me up. Lesson learned; listen to the body and obey what it wants to do. Sometimes the body knows better than what the head does.

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