Monday, August 1, 2011

Spruce Knob Camp/Thing

On Spruce Knob. But we had a very low ceiling and none of the beautiful view!!
The Huckleberry Trail

The folks running the ten mile loop splitting off from the longer route here.

High Meadow Trail-yes I was very happy to be here.  You run through about three meadows here. The views are spectacular.  Now, imagine these woods in their fall colors.  Insanely beautiful.

After the Meadow Trail, I didn't pay much attention to this sign post. I should have taken the Seneca Creek Trail down to Judy Springs, but I continued down the Huckleberry instead.

By doing so,I missed the gang at the waterfall, I beat them there.  I took a few pics, and then looked for the Horton  Trail.

After the waterfall,it was time to go UP the Horton Trail. During the 50K you run DOWN the Horton-it's very runnable. The next day, in the 50 miler, you go UP. Today was an UP day.

It goes up for one mile.

I survived the Horton Trail!!

For this run, Adam had us follow the Allegheny Mountain Trail back to Forest Road 112, which actually was just a pretty pleasant overgrown jeep road. It gave me time to take my eyes off the trail, and look around.

One thing I pondered is why the bears eat all the trail signs:

This trail is used in the Trilogy. After whipping out the map, I identified it correctly as "Bear Hunter Trail". (See, watching those episodes of Wheel of Fortune came in handy.)

The girls caught up to me here. Since I had cleverly cut the course above Judy Springs,I had cut 3.5 miles off the course. Ragan and Kate had dropped the boys and were at least five minutes ahead of them. Bill and Chris came along; and we waited for Charlie at the forest road.

So I got in around 17.5 miles with my short cut route. I re-familiarized myself with a bunch of the Trilogy Trails, and have a much better strategy idea for that race in October.  Great times all weekend!

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