Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Catchup

Since I didn't get my 50K in on Saturday, I went out for my usual 10K around the block.
Of course, the nice rain sprinkling down on us as we walked the dogs had ended, and my run started right into the nice remaining 95% humidity.
I have been kind of frustrated that I am not improving on my 10K time around the block at all. Now, I have all sorts of variables with my training run around the block. The time started varies, sometimes there is a bathroom break stop, sometimes there is a dog obstruction in the road, sometimes there is the neighborly chat that occurs. So I guess I should try to get some of my runs started at the same time, and try to keep the variables at a minimum before I get frustrated with lack of progress.

The giant bloodhound puppy was out today. As I approached the neighbor's house, the two old dogs were in the road, and then I saw the bloodhound just bouncing toward me.
He proceeded to jump up onto me, about knocking me over. I had to keep swatting and pushing him down-really, he is just a wriggly puppy-that happens to weigh 100 lbs and be up to my shoulder.
He then proceeded to start puppy chewing on my forearm, getting me covered in dog spit.
I finally managed to extircate myself, then took several minutes to shake the pup off from following me down the road.

I figured that whole pup encounter cost me 3 to 4 minutes.

Then, as I was running up the hill, about 40 feet from my finish, my neighbor Dan pulls out of his driveway and stops to chat about cutting a tree on our property. I figure that was a 2 minutes conversation there!

Sunday haul from the garden. Just picked the ripest tomatoes for now!

Saturday: Volunteer Run/Familiarization Run at Mill Creek Park

I was sooo happy to be back at Mill Creek Park. I got there a little early, ran about 1 mile down the trail and back, taking a few early pictures. I was kind of astounded at the lush greenness; I usually am at MCP in the fall, winter, and early spring, so I really enjoyed the greenery this time of year.

Me on the Love Log. No, actually not named after me.

We had a very nice turn out, and started out all together after the group photo. After we ascended the steel steps and got to Volney Rogers field, the group split up, with three speedsters (Valerie, Cousin Tim, and Little Joe) taking off.  Then the main middle crowd, which I stepped off the trail to let pass, and then another group of three. This was Heath, Ashley, and Allison, that I spent most of the run with.

It was a good day in the woods. I was giving the tour guide for the YUTC race, so we were going slower than what I had anticipated running, but it was all good. I did take a bunch of pics that are already posted on the NEO Trail News Blog; so if you would like to scope out what the trails will look like for the Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic, click this!

After my group got back to the vehicles, I went back out on the trail in search of Anastasia and Slim. I caught them with about one mile to go, so went back to the vehicles with them.

Pebble was still out there, with a few others, so Slim and I decided to go back down the trail again to find Pebble and run him in.

Instead we found Jim, who had linked up with Mike from Pittsburgh, and we decided to run back from the Covered Bridge with them and just wait for Pebble back at the vehicles.

Instead of running more (I ran about 20 miles) I spent an hour or so chatting with Pebble and Slim. I have not seen either one since MMT, in May, so it was a very nice afternoon.

The new people who ran on the Mill Creek Park trails said they would call the .trails "technical".  I think the YUTC course is good for runners of all abilities.  There are some parts with alot of rocks (hence the technical) and roots; but there are many smoother dirt sections where you can really run.  I hope to see many people out for the race!!

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