Friday, September 23, 2011

No Akron Marathon for Me

The Akron Marathon-my debut as a marathoner, in 2004, is tomorrow, Sept 24.

This year I am taking a pass.

Why? Well.  I am just not a road runner.  I do run roads, I did today, it's a necessary evil.

But I have the WV Trilogy on October 7.  I did not think, after a good effort on a road, that I would be recovered sufficiently for the trails.

My running gurus would have said why? Why are you expending effort on a road, which will take you longer to recover from, that a trail 20 miler?  (Note: I  don't even need  anymore to ask the running gurus, I know what they would say..)

It just didn't make good sense. Today,  I got 11+ plus miles in on hilly road/like terrain here. Tomorrow is 10+ day at Salt Fork, on trails.  That will, probably constitute the last long runs in before the WV Trilogy.

Two weeks ago I got 80+ plus miles on trails in Virginia. The Ring (and various Sick Jimmy runs prior) can constitute serious training runs.

I have to say, it feels good, to be in a good training cycle, where a 71 mile run is 'a good training run'.

I will see how many miles I can get in tomorrow. I may return to Salt Fork on Sunday for a few.  Then I might actually go into a taper like mode. If I can. I hate the taper.

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