Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boobage Shrinkage

Let's face it.

The girls have shrunk.

I realized it, four or six months ago, for whatever reason, I had the girls in my hands.
And they no longer over flowed.

WTF. This has never happened before. I've actually lost my boobs???

Just looking at stats from 2010 to 2011, my chest has gone from a 36 to a 32.   This is just the measurement around your chest..under the boobs.  It does reflect my weight loss.

So this morning, I don an old running bra. And, as I run, I can tell, due to the loss of elasticity, that this bra is on it's last run. Due to the weight loss,  it's not holding the girls in. Due to the bra's age, it can no longer cinch me the way I need to be cinched in.

It's a very interesting scenario. Do I now just need the Large Running bra and not the XL?

(It's not that important. I have bought several new XL Bras, that I can now break out of the plastic wrap.  That still have elasticity and can still contain the girls properly.)

And the boobs are still there. Still getting in the way and all that. But some folks seem to like them.

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