Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Love Again

Or, My BFF is a SP

Salt Fork and I haven't been on the best terms in the last month. And yes, it's been me, not her. She doesn't like stupidity nor does she reward it. So I've been away, for a few weeks.

We've settled our differences and I had an awesome trail run this morning. After running on the rocks of Virginia, I slipped into my old old Mizuno Waves-they felt like slippers going on.
Running on Ohio trails, it was effortless and so smooth. I found myself running uphills.  Not walking, running up them! Not even a thought of changing over to a walk. Talk about endorphins this morning. I loved everyone and everything. I almost ran into a deer, running downhill. It was just standing in the middle of the trail, perfectly camoflagued into the browns.

All too soon I had to turn back toward the vehicle. It was a great run. I've made peace with the park. I'll be back soon.

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