Thursday, September 1, 2011

It is Time for The Ring Again!!!

The Ring 2010

There are three kinds of men. The ones that learn by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves. --Will Rogers

For the uninitiated, The Ring is a circuit of the entire 71-mile orange-blazed Massanutten Trail in the George Washington National Forest, on the ridge lines of the eastern and western ranges of the Massanutten Mountains around the Fort Valley, roughly between Front Royal and Luray. The "trail" is hard, rocky, and slow. Sections of the trail have been around in some cases for centuries, but the entire, uninterrupted, 71-mile Massanutten Trail was not completed until 2002.

I completed The Ring last year; was silly enough to come back in February for The Reverse Ring, winning me a spot on the wall of the "Fellowship of the Ring".

I hold the Karno record of being the only female from Ohio to have done the trilogy of the two Rings and MMT. While I am sure some female will soon improve on the Buckeye best time record for MMT 100,  I think I may hold the trilogy record for quite some time.

I've been looking forward to The Ring since the MMT race. Where you just "stay on orange" and stay on the mountain, no trips down to a road section. I'm looking forward to seeing those rocks again and improving on my Ring time.
The weather looks to be hot, around 90 during the day, so I am glad my replacement water bladder holds 2 liters, I may start the race out with that.  Our first aid station is not until around mile 13, and that should be mainly just some water.  Running The Ring is a good lesson in conservation and self sufficiency.  You really don't need an AS every 4 or 5 miles people.
I have everything packed and ready to go, we head for Virginia this evening.  We are going to get in a few miles on Friday. When you travel long distances for trails, it makes sense to utilize your training time as best as you can.   Happy Trails,  people, have a great weekend!

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