Sunday, September 11, 2011

Koskosing Odyssey Race

I caught an email on the Mohican 100 Yahoo Groups, Chris Gillen had posted about the Koskosing Odyssey, a 6 hour race that was at Brown Family Environmental Center at Kenyon College. It caught my eye that it was a Sunday, and wasn't starting until noon. And the cost? Five dollars. I thought, unless we spend a late night out at a wedding reception, I would drive over for the race. A few low key affair, there were a few friends there, Duane, and Cheryl and Ron, along with Chris Gillen. The race started after a moment of silence, and Ron, Duane, Cheryl and I walking. The 5K loop are trails that the trio trains on quite alot. It was very nice, with a big uphill in the middle, and then corresponding runnable downhill. It was warm-but not unreasonably so. I had left my S! Caps in my vehicle, so after a few loops I had to scamper across the parking lot to my vehicle. I do believe my performance improved a bit after getting some salt into me. I managed 7 loops,then called it a day. Hamstrings were very tight, and I was satsified with a 20+ day after last weekend. Cheryl and Ron completed 7 laps, coming in after me, and went out on Loop 8. But race rules were that they would have to complete Loop 8 by 6pm for it to count, and they didn't have alot of time for that final 5k. I took home the hardware for 1st Place Female (providing Cheryl didn't make 8 loops by 6pm). My first win!

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