Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Late Summer at Salt Fork

I got out for a run/hike at Salt Fork. This was going to be an exploring morning. I had become intrigued by these little lanes that said no horses, no vehicles, and wanted to know where they went.

Most of these were out in the open, and most seemed to lead to cornfields and other fields. I was hoping I would not run into anyone's pot fields out here..

It was a nice morning to be out there, alternatively running and hiking. Got off on some off piste, followed some deer trails.

Then I found the Ford Family Plot:

Wow, a grave stone out here in the middle of nowhere...

I found out who some of the Fords were:

Mary, who only lived to age 3. Maybe Margaret was George's wife?  Oh maybe a daughter?

These small grave markers were eroded away. I couldn't find any names on them.

I then ended up back on the blue bridle trail.  

There were no BigFoot spottings today however.
Nice three hours spent out in the woods. Beautiful late summer day.

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