Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Run Turnaround

Another small little victory. Long work day, not feeling the love of the run.

Tired, long day at work. Really tired. Yawning at work.
So I leave, promising myself I will go to the bike trail and run. Or walk 4 miles. Just two miles, out and back. Okay, I have a plan.
I miss my exit. Crap. Now I am forced to go to Salt Fork, which takes more time on the roads to get there. Still, I reformulate, and stick with original plan-two mile out and back, on roads. But now I am going to run this on a hilly, gravelled, somewhat dirt road.

Walk over from the parking lot to the Forest Road, start the Garmin. Immediately more happy being surrounded by trees and greenery than the flat bike trail. Nice downhill, to the first hill.

Start to slow down to a walk. Then I say no, you need to run this hill. And when you summit it, you can walk. Made it up the hill, then it was flat at the top, so I had no reason to walk!!

These two miles out was a net downhill. I ran all of it, and then when I turned around, I am pleased to say I ran most of the uphills back. On the return leg, on a flattish section, I was happy to see Garmin announcing a 9.31 pace.

I crested a hill, and was suprised to see myself back at the main road. I surprised a deer here too; she gave me a long look before retreating to the woods.

I had a great run. It just goes to show you, perserverance. I went from being not too thrilled about a 4 mile on the bike trail, to getting in a strong run on hills.

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  1. Nice run Kimba. I am a big fan of the rolling hills these days.


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