Saturday, September 24, 2011

Salt Fork Morning

Allison agreed to meet me at Salt Fork State Park at 10am for a loop of the  Bigfoot 50K Course.

I decided to go over earlier and get some more trail time in.  I was going to run the same loop, but a ridgeline looked inviting in the first mile or two and I went off piste and climbed it.

One area, as I do more off trail hiking and climbing, that  I will need to address, is my heels.  I could feel my shoes slipping and creating a hot spot on my right heel.  This has happened to me before, with climbs, so this is something I need to work on. Experiment with maybe double layer of socks, and I may need to tape my heels.

Went up and down some ridges and then hopped back on the trail again.I did a good job of knowing where I was, off trail. Of course this is the park in my back yard, so that made things much easier.

I had a pretty uneventful run, racked up 5.6 miles. Got back to the Salt Fork Lodge around 930 am, bought a cup of coffee and ate my second breakfast, a choclate chip Cliff Bar on the steps outside the Lodge.  Watched some people leave the Lodge, wondered if there was an obesity seminar happening there..

Allison showed up, and we went off for a loop of the Bigfoot 50K.  Or at least, what I hoped was the Bigfoot Loop. I looked over the directions on the website, and I think I got the loop pretty correct. 


Good times on the trail.  We both discussed upcoming races and goals.  The bridle trails were a little sloppy with recent rains and horses, but we powered through them. Before I knew it, we were heading back to the Lodge.  I think I have the Bigfoot Loop figured out, so I can move ahead with a little event I want to host at Salt Fork.

Thanks for the trail time Allison! Awesome!!

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