Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weight Loss

Or lack of. Same weight for three weeks now. Think I should actually journal this week and follow WW? Maybe that is the plan  I am lacking.
I did take measurements this morning, and was happy to see I have lost one inch off my waist since I last measured in August.
And I am really pleased when I look at stats from 9-12-10:
Chest 34              Chest today 32
Waist 36              Waist today 32
Hips 40                 Hips today 37.5

I know it is not all about the numbers, but I'm a runner.  Hauling ten less pounds on my frame up a hill could result in quicker race results with no extra training effort.

4 miler around the block this morning once the sun rises. Then to unpack my filthy hydration vest and toss it in the washing machine. Want bright shiny gear for the Trilogy!

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