Monday, October 3, 2011

Consistency Part 1 ( Of a Series, Perhaps)

The words 'consistency' in training context has come up alot lately.  I was going to write more, about consistency in running, but I think for today the post below sums it up nicely.

One of Slim's QOTD revolved around it:

"So a friend of mine asked me to write him out a training plan for a local 50k (mt. mist), which i'm glad to do.
however when he called to talk about it, the topic of the infamous "secret" of running success came up, which got me thinking.
many explanations, some passive, some rigorous, some rather mystical, have been put forward to describe this supposed secret, but i don't think that all of it is warranted.
i think it can be summed up in one word:  consistency.
it's no secret, and it's painfully obvious, but it's also so incredibly difficult, if not impossible to live by.
day after day after day after day is the easy part.
week after week after week a little more difficult.
month after month and year after year... this is when the idea is lost.
the tendency is to assume that something isn't quite working right after a year(s) of training without a pr or a win.
clearly some "trick" must be missing from the training regimen, some miracle product, shoe, gel or mantra everyone else has that i don't.
but, as with most aspects of the ultras, patience - utter, total, mundane, and relentless patience - seems to be the key to this consistency.
determination, heart, drive, spirit - call it whatever buzzword you like, but when it comes down to it, consistently, patiently, unrelentingly placing one foot in front of the other.
this may seem obvious to many, but it’s simple, yet all-encompassing nature bears repeating from time to time.
i know i need to hear it, and i suspect others do as well."
-john nevels

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