Monday, October 24, 2011

Flip The Switch

The cold mornings have begun.
I really didn't want to go outside. It was cold out.  I put my running clothes on. Sighed when I turned the Zune on-battery low.
I stepped out the back door, and was amazed by how pretty it was.  Just like that, 100% mood switch.
It was cold, but I warmed up. Of course.
There were curious blue grey cumulus clouds, with some edges of pink from the sunrise.
There were still lots of yellow leaves caught in the early morning light.
I startled two deer out of their sleeping area beside the road, and watched them then run up the neighbor's driveway.
I felt great.  I was very pleased I got my grumbly self out the door, once again for an outside run.
Soon, the weather will be far worse and I will be remembering this awesome little fall morning run.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing how that works. Start running, a few minutes later, the switch magically flips.


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