Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Salt Fork Run

I got out today, for a run at Salt Fork. The Race Directors said the course had been blazed, and I was curious to see if that was so, considering I have invited folks to join me for a run there this coming Saturday. I also got the first chance to wear the new trail news, Cross Lites 2.0 from La Sportiva:
These were much less clunky than my Montrails. So no problems or complaints in them, so I am stoked to get some more miles on these.

A beautiful, windy day at Salt Fork. Angela met me at eleven, and off we went.  Wow, two runs at Salt Fork with human companionship.  Awesome.
The trail was indeed marked with bright pink blazes.

Angela had surgery recently, and this was her longest run since YUTC.  She did great on the trails today.

It is kind of cool to have permanent markers for a race. This will allow other runners to be able to come out and run the course before hand, with no issues.

If you do come to run the Big Foot Course before the race, just a couple of points.
The trail starts at the back of the parking lot, in front of the Lodge, beyond the basket hoops.  You will be able to see the pink blazes on some trees. Then, just a few hundred feet, turn RIGHT at a big clump of grass. There is also a sign, which says "Shadebush Trail", which is the trail you start on.  You will quickly see pink blazes.

Around mile 4.5, you hit some nice downhill running and you are right next to the lake.  There will be a LEFT hand turn, up the blue hiking trail. It's real easy to over run.  If you keep going and don't see pink blazes,you were too busy talking and missed the turn.
Also, you climb the hill and the blue hiking trail (now blazed with Bigfoot Pink) dumps  you on the campground road. There are no markers right here. But all you have to do is turn LEFT.  You run down the campground road for about a mile.  You will again see the pink blazes.

You then go past the showerhouse/restroom, continue down the road a bit further, then the pink blazes will take you down the green connector trail.  This will again spill you out at the road.  Go right past the archery range and look for the pink blazes on the left hand side of the road. These are the only spots I saw where you need to pay just a bit of attention.

Looking forward to having more folks on the trail this Saturday!

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