Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today I got outside to learn some compass skills.

I have a topo map that includes our properly. Located next to our property is a FAA navigational beacon, so there is that landmark on the topo map. My husband helped me figure out a spot to begin, at the bottom of our meadow across the road. I was to follow the azimuth. So I get to the point to start, bottom of the meadow.

Did I mention it was a beautiful day out there? After one false start and further instructions, I climb up out of the meadow. This is pretty hard. I'm moving through head high weeds and through rose bushes.

This is a very slow walk. I've got on my husband's BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) and it does protect against the briars, it's very warm. I do get rewarded with a nice view from the top here:

I cross the road, scramble up to the next meadow. It's an easy walk across this, it used to get mowed years ago.
I had to climb a fence, which I got my foot caught in, and kind of toppled over, bruising my inner leg up in the process. I did not end up exactly on target. But it was a good first attempt.
I need to find some lightweight clothing that can withstand briars. My "Sad Sack" look:
And then back to the house via the "candy ass trail":

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  1. Now why would you be doing that?


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