Sunday, October 30, 2011

Run With Scissors Race Report

The Single Edition
The clean skunk edition ,
It's not often when I contemplate dropping from a race after a few miles.
But around mile 11 or so, I wasn't thinking a double marathon was going to happen today. I felt fine.

Well, actually my hamstrings and calves were incredibly tight, I just felt like sitting down for an impromtu stretching session right on the trail. But the tightness probably had more to do with the course conditions.

The RWS course was muddy. Lots of mud. Shoe sucking mud.
Slippery trails, where runners were trying to avoid the mud, made the areas around the mud even muddier and slicker. Of course you know what happens when 1/2 a course is mud-you slow way down. So, as I ran-when I could, my time just ate away.

Boy the early morning went fast. The Garmin was beeping 3 and then 4 hours, and then 5. Yes, I could have finished RWS Double Marathon. It would have taken quite a while to do, and I didn't want to spend that much time away from home.
As it was, I finished in 6.41. (Of course I think I hung out at the AS at Mile 24 talking to Mark Lemke for about 10 minutes.) So I could have done another marathon in 7-or maybe 8 hours,which would put me over whatever Roy's cut off was. So I quit-like quite a few other double-marathon starters. Many of us were of the same mindset-had nothing to gain by a not-so-much-fun day in the mud.

The RWS course is quite good, and was marked very clearly. Very good Aid Stations, and great volunteers. Now, if there was some way to decrease the mud..


  1. So how does that mud compare with the mud around the Bigfoot course? I was very discouraged by my run there Sunday; I know I am not in the greatest shape, but this run went horribly awry. I am hoping that the mud was part of it. Make me feel better! :P

    Great costume, btw!


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