Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Trilogy 50Mile Plan

Okay, yesterday I did the once over of the 50K. Today is the 50 mile turn.

I can't go over the course because I QUIT at mile 24.  I defeated myself, mentally, at the 50 miler, the day before, and the night before.  I thought too much.

I let numbers bug me, and times bug me, until they eroded away my resolve.  I was doubtful the night before. And I set myself up for failure. And I did.

SO enough about last year. What about this year?

I can complete this race in around 13.5 hours. Now, the cutoff is 14 hours, so I am not leaving myself much room. But I am being realistic.  If I could finish in around 13 hours, I would be ecstatic, that would be a great time for me.

I have looked at both my times and Kathy Wolf's from last year. I know the first half of the course. I have given myself pretty realistic goals in what I think I can do each section in.

The first  section, for example,is a big climb, to Spruce Knob, the tallest point in West Virginia. I have myself plugged in at 20 minute miles. And that would be on fresh legs. Now, if I could do better than that, all is good too.
The next section, the first part, from  Spruce Knob, down the Huckleberry, is downhill. BUT it is pretty rocky. But now as bad as MMT rocks, so I am giving myself 14 minute miles on this. And if I do better than 14 minute miles, all is good.
I do have times I want to be at each AS.  I will note my times. If it is a good time, I will feel empowered. If I am being my time goal, I am not going to dwell on it.  My running style is such that I start out pretty slow.  I gain strength through out a long run.
I will be fine as long as I don't freak out about the time.  And I am not going to allow myself to do that.

I know the course-even the part I didn't run-pretty well.  I ran some of it on the WVMTR weekend in August, and I have been looking over the course maps.  I  know what kind of terrain the second half of the 50 miler holds.

I also have a fueling plan for my 50 mile race.  There will be plenty of calories to intake so there won't be any issues.

I am going to carry my camera and take some fine meadow pics on Friday, but no camera on Saturday. Saturday is relentless forward motion day.

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