Saturday, October 1, 2011

Trilogy Planning and Packing

October is here! And five days til the Trilogy!
I am pretty organized, on paper for the stage race.  I know what I am fueling with, and how much calories I will be carrying.
The Trilogy is a stage race. 50K on Friday, 50 miles  Saturday, 1/2 marathon on  Sunday. This is in a remote location in West Virginia, so aid stations are where the trail comes closest to a road access.  The exception is the Judy Springs Aid Station, where the volunteers mountain biked the aid in, over 2 miles. I believe this year we have some horse friends involved, where the horses will be packing the aid in. (Thanks, horses!)

I will be using malto dextrin as my calories for the races.  I have my splits planned, and know how much MD I will be picking up from my drop bag. 

I have my gear list ready, of what I need to bring. The clothing list is ready too, just one list X THREE.

The weather is the wild card, as always. We will be around 3000 and 4000 feet elevation. It will be down in the thirties at night,but who knows during the day?  Checking the weather in the area doesn't help a whole lot, as the town of Circleville is down around 800 feet elevation.  So, clothing options are, like last year, shorts and short-sleeve tops, and then of course bring along the capris/wool top/hat/gloves/windbreakers and see what the weather is once I arrive.

Sunday is my  day off from work, and I think when I will gather all my lists and drag the gear out and start packing.

And I still need to wash my filthy hydration vest, it's been dirty since before The Ring!!

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