Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trilogy Plans Day One 50K

Okay, I am ready for the Trilogy. The only things left to do is measure out my maltodextrin for my pack. Now that my hydration vest is spanking clean again, I can pack it up and evaluate whether a bottle of malto will fit, or if I should store the powder in baggies.

Three days of running clothes assembled, and stuffed into ziplock bags. This ensures me that 'all I need' for that day is in that bag-except shoes.
I am bringing three pairs of shoes, one for each day. I do have plenty of room in my vehicle.

On my day off from work, tomorrow, I do need to try and find my Hannibal Lechter breathing mask. The frustrating part is, I saw it around this house maybe one month ago. Did I tuck it into the wrong drawer? Oh well, if I don't find it,it's a little late to be thinking about buying a new one, unless there happens to be a Dicks Sporting Goods on my journey south. I can improvise with one of my Buff Bands.

50K Plans
The 50K race has more elevation change that the 50 mile race. I remember the first ten miles being pretty uneventful. I know we go down "Cardiac Hill" around mile 2, which we also have to climb at the end of the race-that old 'must goes down, must go up' saying. I remember we go through a big meadow which was kind of overgrown.
I know now that my feet will not be dry later so I won't be concerned about it in the first ten miles of the race.
Knowing a race course really helps me. After the Bee Run AS, I will be headed for Judy Springs. I was frustrated last year, because there is a huge climb right after the Bee Run AS. I thought, since I was going to Judy Springs, it should be downhill, right? Well, if I had looked at the map better, I would have seen the big ascent. Now I know it is there, and am mentally prepared for the climb.

I am also ready for the two climbs that you encounter each time you leave the Judy Springs Aid Station. I'm really looking forward to Big Meadow, that's the reward (and big climb) you recieve around mile 22. I am ready for wet feet.
When you hit Seneca Creek, the course takes yo.u back and forth over the creek. Other than not falling in the creek, I'm going to splash through.
I am ready for the section after Big Meadow, called the Lumberjack Trail. This section is kind of tedious, full of rocks, puddles, on a kind of old railroad bed with a deceptive progressive uphill. I find this tedious last year, but I was out of water and low on calories through here. Now I know better, and will try to just blast through here.
And I know I have Cardiac Hill at almost the end, I will try and find a good hiking pole on the way to it, to help me get back up that hill!

I will be wearing for the 50K, the discontinued Montrail Wildflower Trace. I have three pairs of these, and use these as my 'standard' trail shoes.

The weather forecast looks good for the weekend-the little towns around TMI (Whitmer) suggest a high of 69 or 70 degrees. It should be a bit colder at just a higher elevation, which could translate to..around sixty degrees? Perfect running weather?

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