Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gear Review: REI eVent Jacket

Having the day off today, I was first planning on going to the gym and doing a climbing session. But then I checked the temperature and saw it was 54 degrees out! No way was I going to be cooped up inside on a day like this.

It was going to rain however, and I decided it was a good day to try out my REI eVent fabric rain jacket.

From REI:
The women's lightweight REI Kimtah women's jacket with eVent™ fabric is a perfect spring and summer choice for active pursuits where windy, wet weather is a concern.

eVent fabric has a unique membrane structure that allows sweat vapor to quickly escape to the outside of the fabric No matter how hard you work, overheating is unlikely due to this Direct Venting™ technology And because you remain dry on the inside, the likelihood of an uncomfortable, post-exercise chill is eliminated.
eVent technology works so efficiently, no pit zippers are needed; all seams are sealed for complete waterproof protection
Windproof to 60 mph
Fully adjustable brimmed hood features easy-to-use ripcord-style cinches

I am a big time sweater. When I don a jacket that is rain proof, I generally over heat.

I have worn this jacket just to work, so this was my first time out.

The temp was about 52 or 55.  I wore a long sleeved capilene top, and then just the rain jacket on top, and my hydration vest over it.

So off I went. Lightly misting rain would turn  into more heavy rain.  I got a little warm about mile 2.5, but not overly hot.
I was not sweating through this jacket. This was awesome.  It was a little warm, when I was down on the low portions of the run, but I was not overheated.  When I climbed, and the wind picked up, I was just fine.

I wore the jacket through the whole run.  I think the temps dropped a degree or two when the wind increased.  I was still fine in the jacket.

It does not appear that this jacket is available at REI any longer!  It was not cheap. It was 159.00 .
But if it appears to be a quality product and I benefit from it, then that is fine with me.

I had just turned the music on, on my Zune, about mile 8, and a car pulled up next to me.  In the pouring rain.

"Aren't you getting wet?" the old couple (with their little dog in a Santa vest) enquired.

I looked down at myself and said "Nope, I'm good. It's a nice day out here."

They offered me a ride!  Which was, I believe, the first time anyone has done that.  I cheerfully declined and wished them a Merry Christmas. How nice. 
It was a great run. It felt easy.  I remembered one different hill in my neighborhood, which led to me musing about some other back roads, with different hills.   I did have to run about one mile on the state route, but that was okay.  It was a different route, had not been on some of these back roads in a year or so.

I can get climbing in, at the gym, on the machine.  But I still need the descent workouts for the legs, so I am searching for all the hills I can find, for both the climbing and descending.  This will be another good route for training!

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  1. Wow, finding a rain jacket that doesn't overheat you is a HUGE win! Thanks for the review.


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