Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kimba Runs a Road Race

So why is the Trail Goddess running a road race?

A 1/2 marathon, for Pete's sake.

I  haven't run a 1/2 marathon race in..3 years? 4?

This is the Tour de Ashland 1/2 Marathon.  In, you guessed it, Ashland Ohio.  The course map looks like it just winds in and out of the city streets of Ashland, so I feel pretty safe I won't be a target for deer hunters.

It looks like a pretty hilly course.

I used a running calculator to punch in a finishing time. I would like to finish under 2.5  hours, so how about 2.22?  I need to keep a 10.49 mile going.
Okay, what if I maintain an 11 minute mile?  Then I could finish in 2.24.

I really have no idea what I can finish this in.  Maybe I should leave the watch at home.

I will carry a hand held water bottle, don't laugh at me.  At least I won't wear the hydration vest and several pounds of various ultra fuel.  I will carry one gel or one little PayDay bar.

This should be interesting. The weather looks good for Saturday.

I just have to remember I have a race to attend!

Chip timing and everything!  Yahoo!!

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  1. Good luck out there. It's kind of fun going back to the road racing on occasion. It also reminds me why trails are my true love. Have a blast!


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