Friday, December 16, 2011

His Name is Scooter

 No, not that good old boy in his pick up truck.

The dog. The bloodhound puppy finally has a name.

I went out for my 10K around the block. The dog spotted me from the top of the hill, and gleefully bounded down the hill to intercept.

I didn't break stride. "Come on. If you are going to run with me, then run. Let's go buddy".

He obliged by biting my gloved hands. I told him no, about a dozen times, and he trotted down the road next to me.

Two barns later, a woman was outside. "Hey Scooter, get over here!" she called.

"Is that his name, Scooter?"  She said yes, and asked if he was bothering me.

"Nah, we're old friends. He sometimes runs with me."

I kept going and I guess Scooter got collared because he didn't follow me down the hill.

A nice chilly but dry day for a run.  The wind made it a bit more chilly than usual.  The legs felt a little heavy, but these last two days have been road miles.

Tomorrow is URINEO!

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