Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tour De Ashland 1/2 Marathon Report

I signed up for this race last week on a whim. I was curious to see what I could do in a road marathon setting.  It's been years since I did a road 1/2 marathon.  I wasn't even sure about what to do.
I was hoping to do better than 2.30, and thought 2.15 would be a good goal, although my vague thought was 'run under 10 minute miles' and leave it at that.

I got lost on the way there, and arrived with 20 minutes to spare. I managed to get my registration packet, bib pinned on, found a almost unknown female restroom (I was going to pee between cars) and quickly ate a York Peppermint Patty as pre-race nutrition.

I walked across the timing mat, but in just a few minutes, or within a 1/2 mile, I was passing people.

In mile 2, a woman commented "that I have awesome calves".

I did not give her my URL so she could join lurker status but I was highly amused.

I was glad I had looked, briefly, over the elevation map so I had a vague idea of where the small hills were.

I was again amused when, running up these hills, that I was still running a 10.xx pace.

I ran through the 10K Marker in 62 minutes, that may be a PR for me.  (I think I have only ran one other 10K in my life though.)

Since this is a road race report, I will even present my splits:
10.15  took long sleeved shirt off, ran in running skirt and short sleeves

At mile 12, the Garmin beeped, and then it beeped again for the two hour mark, which I expected.  So I resolved just to try and hit my best time that I could.
The last mile is kind of an uphill.  I started reeling in runners.  I would focus on a feature, and then run to them, and then pass them.
About mile 12.5, the girl in the capris wearing a metallic "hula skirt" appeared on my radar. She was the next one in line, in fact the only one in line I could still catch.
I think we are going straight, but we turn left, into a stadium, and will run most of a lap on the track.

Hula Skirt is in front but I am closer.  It's less than one lap of a track to finish. She's still in front.
Do I want to catch her?

This was an email from the fall that I shared with Slim and Cam.  Am I competitive? I don't know. I am hardly ever in that position.

Well, here I was. Thoughts still going around my head, with less than 400 meters to go. Can I pass her? Do I want to pass her? Am I competitive?  What should I do?

As I hit the turn in the track, I thought "FUCKIT" I'm going for it.  I blew by her, I don't know if she even noticed (she had music on) and I sprinted for the finish.  I did not want to get embarrassingly passed back.  She did not respond, and I hit the finish line in a fine 2.11 finish!

I am pretty pleased with my performance. I have not run or raced a road 1/2 marathon since 2006.  It's good to have a benchmark on what I could do, on roads, if I wanted to.

I did take Recoverite right after the race and ate well (a venison hamburger!).  Sunday I will spend going north to a Christmas Party, so there is built in recovery from this effort.

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