Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yet more lottery results

I'm way behind on my Reverb 11 musings, but how on earth can I reflect on 2011 when 2012 is turning into The YEAR of RUNNING??

I've had serious Hardrock head this week.  I haven't been thinking of much else.

So today, the MMT lottery was held. The Dow Jones ended down, at 770, meaning 205 runners, numbers 766 through 269 were selected for MMT 2012.

My number was 483, so I am in.  That is a relief. I had already requested those work days off-just Thursday, Friday, and Monday around May 12.

I am running solo at MMT. After getting in at Hardrock, this was a no brainer.  If I can't run by myself and do MMT without a crew, well, then I'm not ready for Hardrock.

In no way to diminish MMT, or my fondness for MMT, it will be a good "training run" and rehearsal for Hardrock.  I should be using MMT as what I will try to reproduce at HR. 

In the last few runs with other friends, I had mentioned my spring running plans, and had also mentioned I really had no plans for the fall of 2012.

I don't really think I need plans for fall of 2012.

The first six seven months of July will be epic enough.

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