Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Brief Respite

Today the weather gods gifted us a mild day here in Ohio.

This was not "early spring" or the 'beginning' of anything.  It was just a freak day.

I think we will all take it.

I got out of work at 515 pm, the temperature was 61 degrees F.

By the time I got to Salt Fork, with the idea of just some time on the dirt road, it was 59.

59 degrees was still glorious.  I dumped my clothes into the parking lot, and chose the running shorts, instead of tights.  One long-sleeved shirt, I was good to go.

On my fast walk to Forest Road 51, I realized I didn't have a light, in the rapidly gloaming. I didn't care. I was staying on the dirt road.

My Garmin died before I hit the start of the dirt road. I didn't care. I was planning on running down FR 51, to FR 52, and turn around at the bottom, and run back. I did have my Zune with me, so I decided to just run for time. I started at 1756.

These back roads at SF are just dirt/gravel roads, undulating hills.  FR 52 leads you to the valley.  I decided to run for 20 minutes down, then turn back.

As I ran, into the dusk, I realized how tense I was. I don't have the same stresses at work that my old position has, but there are stresses, in different ways.  I could feel myself relaxing.  Slim's QOTD came to mind:

"People lose tension when they run.
The feeling of self respect will almost always increase.
You accept yourself a little more."
-Ted Corbitt

 It was rapidly turning darker as I turned.  I amused myself by running more of the uphills on the way back. It was 20 minutes downhill, 21 minutes uphill. Not bad.

As I turned onto the bridle path, my shortcut back to the car, my path brightened considerably as Van Morrison's "Moondance" came on, low, on the Zune.  It was nice to see Mr. Moon, in half-glory, peak out from the clouds to give me a low light back to my vehicle.

Shorts on the last day of January. I will take it!

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  1. Did you know that Ted Corbitt was from Ohio?


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