Monday, January 2, 2012

Don't Freeze your FA FA Report

I got the FB invite  around Christmas time, Jay Smithberger was organizing another FA for New Year's Day. Last year was very successful, but we apparently "muddied the trails" in the Dennison University Bioreserve and Jay got some flak about that.

This year, the FA started from the Smithberger Estate, and Jay had two loops mapped out-first loop, five miles of road, back to his place. Then, two miles down the road to the Bio where he had gotten the green light for use to do a 9'ish mile loop on.

My quads are still not recovered from the MHM on Wednesday.  I got to chat a little with Tom Patton on the first road loop.  It was a very scenic little loop around the neighborhood, I liked this little building:

It started to rain as I got back to Jay's place, so I donned the rain jacket I had been carrying.

Gear note: I wore my new WINK Ultimate Direction pack. It's heavier than the Nathan Hydration Vest, but there is more room to store items in it. I will most likely carry this at HR, so I will start using it now. The rain quit around the time I got to the Bio entrance, so I stopped and took the jacket off!

 Happy New Year!

Then, about ten minutes later, the rain commenced and back on went the jacket!

The Bio does have some good ups and downs. The downs were killing my quads. They are not recovered yet from the MHM.

I'm following Jay's pink ribbons. Then I notice I am going by the sign that says "Cuckoo Trail Closed." Hmm. I have already ran by this sign once. But where did I miss a turn?  The Bio is full of trails and I am not carrying a map.  Rather than run the loop that I have just done, I decide to backtrack, since I know this "Closed" sign was close to where we entered the Bio.  Hey, I was paying that enough attention!

So I backtrack, and hit the road section again back to Jay's. Since everyone is still out and running, I decide to just head for home.  Happy with the effort and 12 miles logged for the new year!

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