Friday, January 20, 2012

Five For Friday

Well, probably not.  But it's a popular blog title.

1. It's Five degrees F out.  I'm so glad this was my scheduled day off from running. Ha, take that, weather! Guilt free!

I was planning on running 20 miles on Saturday, then I noticed the weather forecast for Sunday...high of 47. That's a no brainer, how about a shorter run, 11 miles for Saturday, and save the long run for the milder temps.

2. I wish Google would let me stay logged in to multiple accounts so I can cross post from different blogs. It's a PITA to constantly log in and out.

3. My dog Tino is depressed. That makes me very sad too.

4. Planning planning planning-getting pysched and a bit skeered too for the upcoming run on the Wild Oak Trail in Virginia. I am planning on running 4 loops of the 25 mile trail. Yes, that makes 100 miles.  There are two big climbs-Big and Little Knob, which are both 4000 feet.  That would give me 64,000 feet of climb-but maybe more importantly, 64,000 feet of descent.  I need the quad workouts for the descent.  (Is this right?)

Upcoming plans for next week is to get a long run in on next  Friday, and then go north for the tradish Buckeye Trail FA on the last weekend of January.

5.  Goal for this week is to stay on Weight Watcher plan and track my food and activity for the week. When I track, I lose weight.  I am up a few pounds, because of the crapola from last weekend, but that's okay. You just have to know when to stop it and get back on track. 

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  1. Common Theory is that a TWOT loop has 8,000 feet of gain.
    It was Keith Knipling that came up with this number.
    Dobies and Maybe Russ Evans also agree with this number.


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