Friday, January 27, 2012

Five for Friday

1. I tracked all last week on Weight Watchers-both my food and activity points!

This is a very big deal to me. I even tracked my food I ate on my long run.  Result? A two pound weight loss. That is not any additional weight loss, it's almost back to my lowest weight.  I was up several pounds, and the trending was going UP, not down, so that was why I buckled down and decided to journal everything.

It's been a long time since I have successfully tracked every day.

2.  I don't think I am eating enough for my weight loss goals.

In the last week, I was listening to an old episode of Marathon Talk, an interview with Matt Dixon, from Purplepatch Fitness, who coaches or coached Ryan Hall in last year's Boston Marathon. There were a few interesting points I took away.

The first was his quote: "I have yet to meet a training endurance athlete who fuels enough to support their training and health needs." The whole article is here.

As endurance athletes, we may be fueling during the event, but are we eating enough later in the day?

The host of the podcast, Tom Williams, coined a phrase that Matt Dixon agreed with, and I thought was rather fitting also:  instead of being overtrained, we are perhaps actually under-recovered
While I love the WW program, it does not really fit in with an endurance athlete lifestyle.  I was reading on their website, about how many Activity Points (APs) that WW recommend daily, is six. My average, last week, was fifteen.

After viewing my WW chart, I have two conclusions. One, I am drinking too many of my activity points (APs).  So that is an easy enough fix, need to cut way down on the wine!  Two, I need to eat those activity points.  So that is my mission for this week, drink less, and eat more.  I am also planning on tracking my points for the week also.

3.  It is time to plan the garden!  I've been looking through seed catalogs, circling items, trying to plan my garden out for 2012.  I will be putting some work into the garden in June, with being out of town for my two weeks for Hardrock,  so I have to make sure it's pretty low maintenance for the husband.

I'm planning on buying mostly heirloom seeds this year. I am going to start saving my seeds, for both economy and for market crashes. That way, I will have my vegetables for future years.

4. CE's  I report my Continuing Education credits this year for my license. We do this every three years. I need to have six credit  hours.  I found my file, with a paper clip on a bunch of papers, where I've got 3.5 hours totalled up so far.  Now I need to find all the loose CE certificates around my office-which means, it's time to clean and organize the office!

5. Three Day weekend!  A co-worker needed Wednesday off, so I gladly traded my Friday for her Wednesday, so that is why I am sitting here, posting a F-for-F post instead of working! Happy Friday, all!

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  1. Less wine? I don't think I like this plan AT ALL.

    Happy Three Day weekend!


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