Saturday, January 21, 2012

I had a good run today.

It was cold-about 21 F at 11 am, and windy.  I donned long johns under my Marmot Precip Pants, and on top wore just one merino wool long sleev tops and my Sierra Designs windbreaker. I also brought along my $32 dollar wind mittens, along with my cheapo knit gloves.

I also decided to try out the Ultimate Direction bladder that my new Wink pack arrived with.  I was rather dubious of its design.
As my rotten pics show, there is no screw on lid, or clip for the UD pack.

It has this kind of sandwich bag type seal. But I could not get this to seal together.

Then you roll down the plastic bladder.


 And secure with the velcro.  Now this does seem kind of secure.


 And then into the pack, hanging off it's little velcro hook.

The reason I decided to try this today was, the hose is insulated.  (And I could not take it off this bladder for use on another.)  It worked out just fine, but I am kind of hesitant to use this in a long race. I may use this again tomorrow, and see how it works out.  I am just hesistant about having this filled up at an AS and not having it sealed or cinched down properly.  As an old AS worker myself, this would also be a hydration pack that I would make the runner close up themselves.

Has anyone used this Ultimate Direction bladder in a race? Feedback?

Ok, back to the run.  It was cold, the wind was strong, and I was miserable. I was very glad for all the windbreaker clothing I had on, it was needed.  Miles 0 through 4 sucked.

Once I climbed up to the ridgeline, it was the point of no return, if I did retreat it would still be 4 miles back.

At mile 5.7, I paused. I could take the side road, for more mileage-original plan-or I could continue down the road to finish up a bit shorter.
Well, what would the point of that be?  My husband went out of town for the morning, so I couldn't even use the excuse of that.  I turned left.  This is a township road, so it was just like running on a snow covered trail, since it's mainly a dirt and gravel road at best.
I ate a Payday mini bar as I climbed up the township road and crossed the road for the big downhill section. I also clicked the Zune over to "music".
And, at mile 7.9, the calories or sugar hit from the candybar simultaneously with the music starting, I was running downhill, and it was GREAT!!
It did not hurt that this is about a big one mile downhill.  The rest of my run was great. I smiled the rest of the way.

The husband was just returning home as I ran down the hill, so great timing!

I'm glad I suffered through the wind and my attitude for the first few miles.  Must remember this!!

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  1. I use the Wink. Near as I can tell, it's not really a sandwich bag-style ziplock, but just an open bag that you roll and velcro shut. The only issue I ever have is when I accidentally overfill it, and then the pressure of my back against it somehow makes it leak. You can't fill it all the way to the top line with the bag completely wide and fat, in other words. ;-) When it compresses a little in the pack, the water level goes too high. Takes experimenting.

    I wore this at JFK this year, and at a DWD 50K last year. Worked well both times.


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