Friday, January 13, 2012

It is What It is

Yes, a third blog post today. I have time on my hands.

The husband and dog made it safely to Columbus, a two hour drive that took 3 hours. On first quick evaluation, she has pneumonia and will likely be in the hospital for at least two days.

Of course I am stressed out, but at least I am being productive here at home.

I walked on the treadmill, 10% incline, up to 4 MPH, for one hour. Then I did a thirty minute interval running work out on the treadmill. Oh, and I couldn't hear my movies over the treadmill noise, soI put on an old taped episode of the Biggest Loser and watched it. There sure are alot of food commercials during the BL.

Then I mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned the counters, cleaned the bathroom, put the laundry away. Swept all the floors.

I've been using the reframing technique all day.

Yes, the dog is in the hospital. Yes, isn't it great that I can afford to have the dog in the hospital without having additional worry about the bills.

Yes, I had to bail on my run with my friend today and the training run for tomorrow. Yes, but I did get in a workout today. I just have to let go that I didn't get my miles or time on my feet in. I can always go hang out on the treadmill for more time.

Since the dog is being cared for, I can still get a long run in tomorrow. I'm not sure what I want to do. I could always go up to CVNP and bandit the Regis Run, but I am not sure I feel very sociable right now. I tend to go quiet when things are bothering me.

The weather has turned abruptly into winter (imagine that, January in Ohio) and the forecast for both here and northern Ohio is the same, cold and windy.  So I haven't made any sort of decision.  Perhaps I should just go to Salt Fork, and cobble together 30 miles the best  I can.

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