Monday, January 9, 2012

Keeping Everyone Happy

Today was my day off.  I had a doctor appointment at 9am, "in town" and the husband wanted to go out to lunch at a new restaurant 1/2 hour north.

First I thought, go to doctor's appointment, then run home, shower, go to lunch with husband.

Husband didn't like this option, as he thought we would be going to lunch too late.

I have a real problem with getting myself out the door, in the afternoon, at home, especially when we've been out and about.  As in, it doesn't  happen.

Ok.  How about doctor appointment, drive home, go to lunch with husband, and then get dropped off in town, and then run home? Not my best scenario, of eating sushi, and then going running, but it fits best.

It worked.  We  had lunch at the new restaurant, have potentially a new sushi restaurant within 1/2 hour drive.
Then I changed clothes in the vehicle on our drive home.  I got deposited out on the other side of the Tuscarawas River, and started up the back roads home.

A good solid little run. Nice sunshine, nice sunshine at home too. Everyone stayed happy-a good balance!

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  1. Way to get in your run by knowing your strengths and weaknesses!


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