Friday, January 6, 2012

My Horoscope for the Year

Year 2012 Overview


The confusion of 2011 is about to lift as clarity returns in 2012.

You've no doubt been through a series of powerful metamorphoses since 2008, when Pluto took possession of your stars for the long haul. You're not even a quarter of the way through the 18-year shedding process that Pluto requires ... and yet you're not the same person you were just a few years ago by any stretch of the imagination.

In some ways, you can expect this year to be a long, dramatic pause. You'll be questioning many aspects of your existence, especially your professional life. Mars, the planet of work and action, will be retrograde for the first quarter of the year in your house of higher learning and travel, putting you in a deeply introspective and philosophical mode. During this time, you'll be less inclined to hit the road than you will be to hit the books.

When the eclipse patterns stir up the winds of change for you again in spring and summer, you'll experience some major epiphanies about the new direction you need to take. The new Moon solar eclipse in your work sector brings a fresh approach to the way you go about your daily routine.
And then, the full Moon lunar eclipse of June in your dream sector will bring the muse and vision to inspire you to go beyond the known. The total solar eclipse and new Moon in your goal sector in November is the final push to plant radically new seeds. There's no question that you're leaving your old life behind; it's now just a matter of faithfully emerging into the new.


  1. WOW!
    So now the big issue is, what the hell does all that mumble-jumble mean?
    Now you need a mystic to sort that out for you.

  2. I am interviewing for a shaman.

  3. i love yearly horoscopes! of course, you can "interpret as you wish," but it's also startling how many statements about the passed are quite accurate!this is esp enjoyable reading since i am a capricorn, too! thanks for sharing! and a couple of passages are perfect for you, as you noted!


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