Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Route

I tried a new side road today, on my run around the block. I was hoping it would be a "hilly" road as I look for hills to run on.
I do actually have plenty of hills here, but I am always looking for a new route just to change things up a bit.

The new side road did not pan out, it stayed kind of on top of the ridge. I had to put the gloves back on due to the wind on the top of the hill.

I wore my new Wink pack but forgot to throw the windbreaker jacket into it. It's getting more comfortable although it weighs a bit more than the Nathan vest. I will be very used to it soon.

Kind of an uneventful run until I started down Pleasant Valley Road, which is closed. It soon became apparent, as I saw the "landslide" sign posted, then spotted the heavy machinery.  I was able to duck around the big shovel, and stopped to chat with some workers.

We don't have zoning out here in the country. This is one of the times where it might have been helpful.  About 8 years ago, someone dug out a flat space down the hill from the road for their trailer.  The road began to slip just past it the next year.  Now the entire slope has crumbled, and it's turned into quite the construction project. 

I continued on, pushing the big 1/2 mile downhill I have here. The legs have a bit of residual heaviness to them, and the last couple of miles I kind of sludged through.  Still, a very pretty but chilly day out due to the wind. 10 miles for the day. Next up, birthday miles!

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