Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Check and Double Check

 I am a great list maker.  Checking items off on a list makes me feel secure.

For an ultra weekend, there are usually more than one list.

For this weekend, for example, there is the Aid Station List, with pots, skillets, stove, bowls, etc.
Then I have the list for clothes for Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  The Friday list is kind of long because I am going to both run and sit around.  So I need normal running clothes, but I also need warm clothes to hang out in.  Watching the weather forecast, I also threw some rain gear into the bag. I care less about running in the rain, but I am not hanging out in the rain.

Saturday list is pretty straight forward-just typical running clothes and gear for the day. And night. But you want to make sure it's packed before you end up in Virginia lacking a light, or the right shoes, or heaven forbid, your running bra.

We have one drop bag, which  will get shuttled around on the course on Saturday.  This mainly contains my calories I want to leave the AS with, plus a few dry clothing options.  I will pick up my rain jacket at Camp Roosevelt-it is already prepacked in the pockets with food, spare gloves, new lights. (No rookie mistake with this in 2012.)

Check the item off the list, security. Blammo.  It is done.

You know, I feel alot better after posting yesterday. I think I got some of the anxiety out, into words. That helped me.
I know I am old, when I can tell this is Les, from "WKRP in Cincinnati" and Mr. Carlson and Andy are in the window...

But that is how the last 5 days have been.  I am very glad I have already paid for airfare to Colorado. And had the big vacation fight at the Work. Because in the last 5 days, or week or so, I would have been seriously second-guessing going to Colorado.

My doctor appointment has been cancelled, death in the family.  That is fine.  I was going to go with my original plan.
Use my Advair inhaler, as scheduled, twice a day.
Once I start The Reverse Ring, I am going to use my albuterol inhaler every six hours, whether I feel I "need it" or not. That way, I may not find myself in a 'rescue' situation, where I now need the albuterol inhaler.

I will wear my face mask for the entire Reverse Ring. I will pull it down to chat if I am with others. But I am anticipating quite a bit of RR to be solitary.  That is fine. I am looking forward to some trail time on the famous Massanutten rocks and do some homework for the 100 mile race in May. I am looking forward to helping out my friend Cam and seeing many other friends this weekend.  (I need this!!!!!)

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  1. I have friends running the RR too. It sounds like a blast! You are so prepared! I only have a fraction of the miles to run on only one day but I have packed, checked or planned anything. Okay, I did remember to book a hotel. Should I be worried? Nah. I did have a nightmare that I forgot shoes. I will get it pulled together in time.
    I can't wait to hear all about this after. And I'd love love love advice for MMT since IF I get in, it will probably be very close race day and my first time!
    Enjoy your weekend!


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