Friday, February 17, 2012

Five for Friday

1. I'm tired. Yeah, it's okay.  No, I am not over doing it.
I felt like running on Tuesday, my day off, but with errand running, didn't get around to it.
I walked one mile and jogged one mile on Wednesday.  Then I was pretty whipped at work.
I didn't run at all on Thursday.  Maybe I will run a bit on Friday.

2. I haven't weighed myself in 8 days.
Gasp! I always am up 6-10 lbs after an ultra. Once I got home, Sunday evening, my ankles were holding fluid.  After working all day on Monday, standing, even in my compression stockings, I still  had edema.
I've been eating rather poorly-meaning not my  usual measured out portions-when hungry.  Which has been most of the time, it feels.  I think I will pony up and weight myself Saturday.

3. Reverse Ring is next weekend.
71 miles on the Massanutten Trail is now, in my head, a fun event to be anticipated.  Heck, we're even going to have aid every eight miles or so, until the final push, on the East Ridge, where you're on your own for 25 miles. I'm not scared of the 25 miles alone on the East Ridge, like I was last year.

4.Extrinsic vs Intrinsic
I feel a little bit of a disconnect from the running community, online, these days. I am finding I am liking these very small, very individualized events/challenges/runs more so than the more main stream organized runs and races.
I am finding I don't need buckles, shirts, or medals to validate my status. I don't need to call myself a badass, or hard-core, or whatever. I am just me. 

5. Writing  As I sit here, musing, about just coming up with five thoughts, I think my blog is getting a bit boring. Or maybe I am.    Perhaps next Friday, as  I am crewing in the Massanuttens, I can get some more creative, thoughtful blog posts organized.

Happy Friday!


  1. Looking forward to the Ring. Well Kimba, that is pretty much the definition of bad ass.

    See you at MMT #2!

  2. I get a lot out of reading your blog. Not every blog needs to be a masterful work of insightful prose to be meaningful to others. I don't comment much, but I read you regularly. You are inspiring as always.


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