Friday, February 24, 2012

Five for Friday

1. I am back in Virginia again! If you are reading this on Friday, I may be running down a trail, or heating up some soup over a propane burner, or sitting in a chair sipping a beverage in the sunshine waiting on my runners. 

2.Reverse Ring is Saturday!  After I crew for Cam and Slim on Friday, I run The Reverse Ring on Saturday.

3. My German Shepherd hogs my pillow.  I tried to give her a pillow for herself, but that didn't work out. 
She wants to share mine.

4. Weight-my weight is back to "normal" meaning what it was around January 1.

 Still need to lose 10 lbs; 15 would be better.  I think, after this Virginia weekend, I'm going to hit another round of eating clean.

5.  Self Image

I am settling more into being comfortable with the person at the weight I am in the mirror.  Of course, self image and weight really weren't at the top of my worry list for the week!!

Have a great weekend!

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