Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"Everything happens for a reason. You just have to live fearlessly and love every day. "

Serena Burla, competitive runner and cancer survivor
I've been struggling mentally with training and the big picture the last few days. I've started at least three blog posts about it; attempted to draw it out-with MS Paint, of all things. Somehow I've been able to avoid posting all this public self doubt out there.

Things always seem better in the morning.

Then I read Cam's post. Then I reread my post.  Then I came across Ann's post:   which was, incidentally, a run at altitude (cough).

Then I came across this quote on FB, from Des, posted above.

So I am going to ignore all this self doubt.  Back to the old "fake it til you make it".

Everything happens for a reason.  My random selection happened for a reason.  It is making me become not complacent.  It's making me step outside of the box. It's making me uncomfortable.   It's making me realize I can improve and get better.  It's making me realize I can fail.   And there, lies the rub. 

It's making me uncomfortable.

I need to ponder this some more.  I do not think this is a bad thing.  I just need to come to grips with it.  It's not all skipping down the mountain trail, picking flowers and looking for the leprachaun. Maybe it is time to get uncomfortable now.


  1. What? It's not all skipping down a mountain trail?! I have been mislead! I guess since I already booked that hotel room, I'll still go through with it. ;-) Even though I think I may expereince being uncomfortable along the way.

  2. thanks for sharing your musings, kim.
    i am not comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. but when we suck it up, i have found 1) things turn out better than i had feared (yes, feared) 2) a learning experience/a-ha lesson comes about.
    go for your goals!! and i love that opening quote - i totally believe in that philosophy.


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