Monday, February 27, 2012

So Much to Say

Kimba on the observation deck, Kenneday Peak, Eastern Ridge, Friday
It was another epic wonderful weekend in Virginia.  So much to say, but I want to have the time to compose my thoughts and write. There's at least 3 blog posts coming.

But for the short, very short, term post, a few items.

Cam Baker finished the Double Direction Ring.  Finally, just with me, it's sinking in what a huge feat he completed.  Cam ran 142 miles.  He finished in 51 hours 25 minutes. I am very very proud of my friend. (There will be another blog post about Cam.)

I completed the Reverse Ring, in 28  hours and change. Someone will tell me my finishing time. It's really not that important to me.  My whole goal, and carrot to me, on the RevRing, was to hopefully catch up to Cam and pace him in to his finish.  I did manage to do guessed it, another blog post.

Maybe, I guess, just one round of the MMT Ring would be considerd "epic" by default.  I went to Va with the plan of completing The RevRing; the idea of not completing it really was not ever an option.  My Reverse Ring journey this year was without the "epicness" of the previous year.  I think my blog post about my Reverse Ring will be more of a 'travelogue" of the MMT Trail (I took lots of pics this year).  So yes, probaly blog post #3.

So I hope to get pics and thoughts organized and get all this done this week.


  1. yippee!!
    hug congrats to both you and cam, kim! i can't wait to read more (and see photos!).

  2. Congrats, again, Kimba. You are gonna be so ready with all you have for the big one in July with your indomitable spirit.

  3. Hey Kimba!
    It was great to meet you all. Fantastic job on the trail. It's tough enough completing in five days, let alone one! Did you leave food for others after descending on Portabello's?

  4. come on Kim! You are killing me with the waiting! I am sooo impressed with what you all did this weekend. 71 miles is amazing! okay let's not forget your friend doing 142 in 51 hours. That is insane (but I secretly loved it!!)

    Congrats to you! Enjoy relishing your accomplishment. I'll be watching for the recap.


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