Monday, February 6, 2012

Still Waiting!!

I am having a great Monday off work.

This morning, I assembled my food for four 25 mile loops of running.  This was all the pre-purchased food items: candy bars, maltodextrin, cashews, cookies.

  I will still need to buy lunch meat for sandwiches and a few McDonald's pies (each pie has 240 calories and 34 grams of carbs!  exciting for an ultra-runner looking exclusively for calories, but I would not touch them in the off-running mode with a ten foot pole!!!)

All the food for each loop went into a bag with clothing assembled for each loop.

Loop One is a no brainer. I will be back to the vehicle (AKA the Aid Station) in the daylight.

Loop Two starts in daylight, and then I will be back to the vehicle in the wee hours of Saturday night. So the light is tucked into Drop Bag #2, with some optional warmer clothing needs.

Loop Three-I will be back to the vehicle around 1 AM or 3 am Saturday morning. This, to me, will be the Victory Loop. The hardest loop to start, in the middle of the night. I am going to throw my Zune into my bag just in case I need a carrot for the loop, possibly alone, in the night.

Loop 4 will be a daylight start, and should be easier than Loop Three, as it will be the last loop. I shall see. Lots can happen during a 100 mile run.

I spoke of running alone, and this might happen. Or it might not.

I may have the company of my awesome MMT pacer, Bradley Mongold, for my first loop. And fellow WVMTR/VHTRC member Paul (Wonderboy) may join me at some point on the course later.

Paul Lefelhocz, from NEO TC, is also running the 100 miles, and I don't know what direction he is planning on starting from.

I got a great 4 mile run around the block. 44 minutes spot on; this included running up all the hills except the most steep hill-so 98% running of the course. It was no big effort to run up the hills that I normally walk on-awesome.

Tomorrow I work the late shift, so the idea is to sleep in as late as possible and lounge around until leaving for work. That technically will be my sleep hours banked, as Wednesday is an early work day.

Thursday I have a dental cleaning visit scheduled at 8 am-so much for sleeping in that day!

Again-is it Thursday yet??


  1. good luck with your prep, kim, and being patient for the rest of this week! i am feeling excited for you!!

  2. Isn't it great to be an ultrarunner? Even when dieting in "real life" you can still fuel with the nastiest goodies while doing a big long run.

    Hope TWOT goes great, you will be a CLIMBING MACHINE after even one loop.


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